CNC Precision Automatic Lathe


・Built-in motor spindle minimizes vibration and improves surface finishes
・Standard-equipped spindle cooling unit reduces thermal displacement

・Adopt hard rail of high rigidity and absorb heavy cutting load to ensure stable machining precision
・Standard-equipment spindle cooling unit reduces thermal displacement
・Machining solutions are sufficient considering workpiece types to adapt to machining requirements of long and round workpiece flexibly


Machine tool parameter C300-Ⅳ
Swing over bed 260mm
X/Z axis stroke 300×300mm
Spindle speed 6,000min-1
Chuck size 6inch
Least input increment 0.1μm
Main spindle motor 5.5/7.5kW
Width×Depth×Height 1,610×1,535×1,600mm
Weight 2,100kg


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