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The 4th Trade Fair of Wuxi Branch in 2020 was successfully held


The annual trade fair of Precision Tsugami (China) Corporation Wuxi branch was successfully held from December 17 to 18, 2020.

A total of 19 products were exhibited, covering the company’s best-selling products and 3 new models, including: 11 CNC precision automatic lathes, 3 CNC precision turret lathes, 3 vertical high-speed machining centers, 1 high-precision grinder, 1 precision gang tool. Among them, the new models are 2 new models of precision automatic lathes: B0326A-Ⅲ, BW329ZJ, and a new model of precision turret lathes: M08JL5-Ⅱ. Each equipment displayed actual processing and its representative product cases in corresponding industry, showcasing the strength of Tsugami’s application research and development, turning theory into practice.

As of 2020, the Wuxi branch trade fair has been successfully hosted for 4 consecutive years. This year, the area of the exhibition hall has doubled in size, to better display all our best-selling models comprehensively. Professional technical explanations on hydraulic engineering industry product cases and new models and technologies were carried out during the exhibition to better engage with customers. The on-site communication atmosphere was enthusiastic, and each successful case promoted the confidence of customers in signing orders.

This trade fair welcomed hundreds of customers, signed hundreds of units on site, and the number of signed units during the fair hit a record high.

Tsugami will continue to hold multiple trade fairs in our various branches. Please reference our website for more information. (

We welcome your attendance!

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