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Precision Tsugami Wins “The Best Industrial Manufacturing Company” Honors at the 5th Golden Hong Kong Stocks Awards


Precision Tsugami Wins “The Best Industrial Manufacturing Company” Award at the 5th Golden Hong Kong Stocks wards at Shenzhen on January 6th, 2021.

Co-organized by ZhiTong CaiJing and Royalflush Finance, the 5th Golden Hong Kong Stocks Awards competition subjected entries to a stringent two-month screening process as it drew the participation of more than 1,000 Hong Kong-listed companies. The participants came from a wide spectrum, including companies engaged in traditional energy, financial services, automobile and industrial manufacturing, as well as those in emerging communication, chip manufacturing, Internet, medical and healthcare industries that spearhead China’s economic transformation. The Awards’ panel of judge experts rated the participants according to their business development, industry ranking, corporate governance, business model, market influence and capital market performance over the past year. The winners were then selected based on weightings from public votes.

The “Best Industrial Manufacturing Company” award aims to confer distinction and honor to the Hong Kong-listed industrial manufacturing company with high standards of corporate governance structure, prominent industry standing, solid performance of its main business and its ability to deliver sustainable and stable value returns to investors. The Group’s winning of the “Best Industrial Manufacturing Company” honors highlights focused attention of investors and industry players on the industry. The award serves as a great encouragement to the Group, as well as a reminder to press on for more growth and milestones. The Group will intensify its efforts and closely monitor developments and changes in the macroeconomic environment to identify and capture opportunities, with the principal aim of achieving better results.

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