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Donates with love, every little bit counts



       A loving heart is strong. An enterprise charitable is content as if bathing in the warmth of spring.

      Around the International Charity Day on 5 September, Precision Tsugami (China) Corporation kicked off a series of charitable activities.

      In early August 2018, the company partnered with the Pinghu Xing Ping Elderly Home to visit the elderly, giving them kind greetings and showing them care. Apart from enquiring with the elderly about their health and daily life, the visitors also gave gifts to the elderly and reminded them to take care and stay healthy. Knowing that most of the residents of the elderly home have difficulty walking, the company donated 20 wheelchairs to the elderly home.

      In early September 2018, five senior managers of the company visited the Pinghu City Yu Xin Primary School to lend help to pupils of the school, giving them such supplies as school bags and stationeries to make learning easier for them. For the visitors, the big smile on those young faces was their best reward.

      In mid-September 2018, the company showed its care for low-income families on Zhongdai Street by donating more than RMB200,000 to them  through the Pinghu City Charity Association, literally increasing the income of those families.

      The hope of Precision Tsugami (China) Corporation is to show its care to the disadvantaged in the community and fulfill its social responsibility through every little act of love.

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